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Special Project: Ukrainian e-commerce in figures, facts and pictures

Special Project: Ukrainian e-commerce in figures, facts and pictures

The Ukrainian Retail Association presents the second annual analytical report on the domestic e-commerce largest players’ work in different segments.

All retailers, including those working in online-trading, try to get to know own buyer as best as possible. And at the same time they try to compare: how their client differs from a competitor’s buyer, and who is generally interested in purchasing one or another product on the Internet. Such information can be to collect and analyze is not an example easier by online-stores than its offline-colleagues: modern services provide the ability to get almost any data.

What was counted

We set a goal to prepare the Ukrainian e-commerce market most extensive analysis, to make the domestic consumers’ approximate portrait who buys goods online, and also to analyze the leading online-stores approximate portrait in different segments.

And then the obtained data compare with the last year’s research results and find out: what trends prevail in Ukrainian e-commerce, whereat would players pay attention, how the consumer behavior changed during the year, market share and so on.

Similarweb and alexa.com services were used for gathering information, which were supplemented with data from other open sources.

We prepared a detailed analysis on e-commerce various sub-segments, in addition to the general report. We have separated to avoid comparing players with incomparable indicators, department stores into a separate category (such as Rozetka), where you can buy almost anything – from jewelry and lures to snowmobiles, yachts and professional equipment. At the same time, there are no classic marketplaces in the report – olx, prom and others – because it does not sell own products, but act as a platform for the contact between the buyer and the seller.

How it was counted

The period from November 1, 2017 to October 31, 2018 was analyzed, since different profiles retailers have different “peak” sales periods. The selected time period made it possible to cover all possible fluctuations in demand. The study examined eight segments: department stores, portable electronics and gadgets, home appliances, fashion, sports goods, jewelry retail, goods for children, cosmetics and drogerie. Several parameters were taken into account in each of it: the users age, the main input channels, the devices used (PCs and laptops or smartphones and tablets), the unique visits and failures number, the prevailing social chains in a particular segment.

Why it was counted

This report allows, like any analyst, online-retailers to find out own strengths and weaknesses, get acquainted with the buyer’ portrait in the segment and compare it with own customer data. In addition, information about the main traffic channels and the most effective social chains will help adjust SEO- and SMM-promotion strategies to increase brand awareness and attract new users. This information assess the need and prospects for creating and deploying of the mobile application and adaptive layout, and also extract a lot of other useful information..

We hope our analytical report will be useful to you!

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