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Ukrainian Retail Association – profile Association of the market retail trade players and the companies which are directly connected with a retail. The Association is as independent non-profitable consolidation of legal entities.

More than 60 leaders of national brands are the members of Ukrainian Retail Association, actions of Association are attended by 200-250 representatives of trademarks and developers.

Mission of Association

Consolidation of the retail trade companies efforts in the course of formation and development of the Ukraine civilized market retail.

Concept of Association:

Members of Association − retailers;

A key product — information, examination;

Competences – influence on the market by retailers consolidation;

Values – creation of confidential partnership;

Accomplishment of the assumed liabilities.

Purposes and tasks of Association:

Assistance to development of retailers enterpises, to creation of the civilized market relations in the retail trade sphere, the help in development of Association members;

Consolidation of efforts of the retail trade companies for formation and development of the Ukraine civilized retail market;

Implementation and promoting of fair competition mechanisms between market players, creating of favorable conditions for observance of high professional and ethical standards of behavior;

Prevention of discrimination on racial, religious, physical, age, sexual or any other restraints;

Participation in compiling and implementation of the regulatory legal acts regulating work of the retail trade market by means of cooperation with public authorities;

The organization of business meetings with authorities for exchange of information and search of optimal solutions in a format of round tables and conferences;

Implementation and development of mechanisms of self-regulation, professional control for the legislation compliance in the retail trade sphere, consumer protection of Ukraine;

Influence on the rent relations between retailers and developers for establishment of the most transparent and fair conditions of cooperation;

Representation and protection of Association members interests in public authorities and other state institutions;

Filling of the data bases and information systems promoting effective work of Association members;

Development of international cooperation with commercial and non-profit organizations, business contacts for successful development of Association members;

Organization of exchange of the best practices: discussions, seminars and conferences, round tables, publications in media;

Attraction of domestic and foreign specialists, business coaches and experts for rendering of the consulting and methodical help to Association members;

Organization of statistical and analytical processing of information, carrying out marketing researches;

Carrying out the opened and closed actions with top managers and owners of the companies for search of the best decisions for the purpose of assistance to development of the civilized retail market in Ukraine;

Rendering of legal, advertizing, marketing and other support to Association members by means of the Association partner-companies;

Providing to the participant market of objective, actual and useful information to participants on the rau.ua portal.

Membership benefits (Why it is necessary to be with us)

audience of Association – top-managers and owners of the companies of the retail sphere;

direct participation and influence on sustainable development of the civilized retail market in the country;

own media portal with daily attendance from 6000 users per day;

free participation in focus-groups, seminars and business breakfasts with the leading ukrainian experts in the retail sphere (frequency – at least once per month);

free participation in the opened and closed meetings with authorities, an opportunity to discuss topical issues and to find the optimal solution;

direct communication with market leaders, expansion of business partners circle and clients, using of the best practices of the ukrainian and foreign businessmen;

an opportunity to attend the largest European and World exhibitions in the retail sphere – Shopping Centre Forum Spring and Fall Edition, MAPIC (on special conditions);

participation in the annual largest Ukrainian profile industry of the summit industry – Retail&Development Business Sammit (on special conditions);

an opportunity to advertise the own goods and services on Association actions;

a possibility of the legislation news receiving in the retail sphere from the legal Association partner;

a possibility of the consulting, legal and methodical help receiving from the Association partner-companies;

a possibility of the promotional materials, an interview and other articles publication on the portal rau.ua.

History of the Ukrainian Retail Association

The Association is founded in April, 2013. Founders of RAU — Alexander Fialka, Andrey Zhuk and Oleg Kruchinin. In December, 2015 the Dragon Capital investment company became the co-founder of Ukrainian Retail Association.

Since June 2014th till January 2016th the Association was headed by Yana Zubar who was earlier engaged in development of projects in the e-commerce sphere (e-Awards and E-expo). From January to April, 2016 the post of the CEO was held by Marina Zaykovskaya who was earlier successfully working in such companies as Baker Tilly and Citrus retail network. Since April, 2016 accomplishment of duties of the CEO is assigned to Marina Chernenko who was earlier directing the financial Association direction, and before working in many companies among which and the largest operator of express deliveries of Ukraine – Nova poshta there are. In March, 2015 the Association invited to update the website and to make from it industry media the ex-deputy of editor-in-chief Forbes magazine Ukraine Nina Mishchenko. Under her management the rau.ua portal became the significant player among profile media in the retail trade sphere and commercial real estate. Since April, 2016 Ivan Zaitsev, the ex-deputy editor-in-chief Status magazine which was also working in Liga.net, Contracts and Compаnion magazines was appointed the editor-in-chief of the portal.

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