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The Forbes list: top-10 richest retailers in the World
On March, 20, American business magazine Forbes has published an annual ranking of the richest people in the World – The World’s Billionaries. Rau.ua chose from the list ten richest retailers on the planet. Read more
10 Favourite E-Commerce Tips
Ten recommendations for business to be successful on e-commerce sphere. Read more
The Future of Shopping: FIVE Predictions for 2017
As we move into the new year, it’s time to look ahead and predict what’s in store for the retail industry as it races to stay relevant in the Age of Amazon.  Read more
Retail vs Leisure: The battle for Valentine’s Day 2017
Among the many unexpected trends we saw in retail over the last year was the significant shift towards spending in the leisure industry, as consumers moved away from physical retail purchases. Valentine’s Day Read more
Deloitte: Global Powers of Retailing – 2017
Deloitte presented the annual report Global Powers of Retailing-2017. What will be waiting for retailers this year? Read more
Google and H&M will work together to sew clothes based on personal data (+video)
The hottest designer at the next Fashion Week may well be your smartphone. Read more
Top 10 global consumer trends for 2017
Faster shopping and the transformation of old age are two of the trends identified by Euromonitor International on its annual report of the trends that will shape the consumer landscape this year. Read more
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