Will Van Rensburg, Under Armour: Ukraine is ready for our brand

Will Van Rensburg, Under Armour: Ukraine is ready for our brand

25.07.2017 09:00
Іван Зайцев

Head of Retail Under Armour New Markets about why the company enters the Ukrainian market, with whom it will be cooperate and what is expected from sales in Ukraine.

will van rensburg under armour

The another world producer appearance in Ukraine is an important news for the domestic retailers. The new players emergence is becoming a not so distant future matter, given the incessant rumors about the willingness to enter the Ukrainian market of companies such as H&M, Koton, De Facto, IKEA and others. RAU asked Will Van Rensburg, the Under Armour new markets development director why Under Armour decided to go to Ukraine right now, who will represent and develop the brand stores chain in our country, and what the company expects from the Ukrainian.

Why did your company decide to enter the Ukrainian market right now, what is it connected with?

 I am sure that the Ukrainian market is quite large and promising. From our view point, now is just the right time to launch a new project and entry Under Armour to your market, as our competitors have been working already in Ukraine for many years. I think that now your country is already ready for Under Armour, and we do not want to lose time.

 Will you be represented in Ukraine by franchise or open your own outlets?

We were able to find the very good partners, and this also became another factor that influenced our decision to go to Ukraine. We long chose and analyzed, so we are confident in our partner MD Group and give it the right to work under our franchise. We do not intend to open our own stores yet.

 Why did you choose the MD Group?

As I already said, we carefully selected a potential partner in Ukraine. We stopped at MD Group, because this is a very experienced company, with the Ukrainian market deep understanding and the bringing other international brands successful cases to the Ukrainian market.

 When can we expect the first store Under Armour opening in Ukraine?

–   I hope that the brand first store will opened before the year end.

 Do you limit yourself to just one store or can we expect others, in different cities?

One monobrand store opening the flagship in Ukraine is in plans. In the future, everything depends on its success and our local partner willingness to open new outlets.

What price policy will Under Armour adhere to in Ukraine? It will be an average, average plus, an average minus?

We have the same working price policy with partners. As for specific prices in Ukrainian brand stores then this issue is more likely to our partners, I would not want to comment on this issue.

 How often will your brand new collections appear in Ukraine? Once a year, once a quarter, once a month?

Ukraine will receive the collections simultaneously with its appearance on the world market. There it will be no special conditions and restrictions. The collections updates occur about once a quarter, and the models will be available to Ukrainian consumers in the shortest possible time.

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