Sunrise of regions: which shopping malls are planning to open in Ukraine in 2021

Sunrise of regions: which shopping malls are planning to open in Ukraine in 2021

19.01.2021 08:30
Виктор Нагорский

Nikolsky, Planeta Mall, Respublika and other shopping and entertainment centers that may start operating already this year

The large retail property’ opening just in time is an extremely rare occurrence in Ukraine. The commissioning’ postponements of shopping centers for a month, a year or even several years occur with unenviable regularity. For example, only three objects began to work – the capital’s SEC and BC Retroville, the OLDI SC in Zhytomyr and the second stage of the SEC Apollo in Dnepr – out of 13 shopping malls that were announced to open in 2020. Most likely, the current year will be more successful for developers. Wherein, a significant part of the SC/SEC is planned for commissioning in regions of Ukraine. The RAU traditionally make a selection of shopping centers that should begin work in 2021, but is not responsible for the developers’ compliance with its plans and obligations.

In preparing the material, data from open sources were used, as well as comments from consulting companies RDA, Colliers International, Cushman & Wakefield, UTG and CBRE.


  • Name: SEC Respublika
  • Location:  1 A  Kilceva Road str., Kyiv
  • GLA: 135,000 sq. m
  • Developer: Soltex Capital
  • Declared commissioning date: 2021

Respublika is the largest unfinished SEC in Kiev with ​​about 300,000 sq. m total area. Its construction began yet in 2012, and the project was carried out by Megapoliszhitlobud, which is associated with businessman Dmitry Firtash. At that time, the amount of investment in the construction of Respublika was estimated at $350 million. By 2015, the building was 80% completed, but work stopped. In 2017, the NBU collected corporate rights to the SEC Respublika after Megapoliszhitlobud stopped servicing loans issued by the bank Nadra Dmitry Firtash.

Claims on loans, where the SEC Respublika acted as a pledge, were solding for several years. Bidding started in July 2017 with UAH 2.59 billion starting price, and the lot was sold only in February 2020 for UAH 777 million to a little-known company Soltex Capital. In November last year, Yulia Schastlivaya, who is known for her work in Arricano and the TEC Energoinvest, took over the post of General Director of the SEC Respublika. Market participants do not exclude that with her arrival, the work on the SEC commissioning will intensify and it will open doors for visitors, if not this, then next year.

  • Name: SEC Ocean Mall
  • Location: Antonovich str., Kyiv
  • GLA: 84,000 sq. m
  • Developer: Mandarin Plaza
  • Declared commissioning date: 2021

Ocean Mall, which was originally supposed to be the second stage of the SEC Ocean Plaza, is one of the most anticipated shopping facilities in the capital. Its construction is being carried out by Vagif Aliyev, who has already opened two other megamalls in Kiev – Lavina Mall and Blockbuster Mall. Initially, the commissioning of the mall was planned at 2018 end, then it was postponed to 2019, 2020, and now – to 2021.

But, experts interviewed by RAU doubt the launch of the facility this year given its current construction readiness and the project’ scale. Earlier, Vagif Aliyev announced that it would house about 500 stores, cinema with IMAX and 4DX halls and large entertainment digital-park with ​​up to 30,000 sq. m.area. It was also reported that parking lot for 2,000 cars and a new transport interchange will be built next to the Ocean Mall.

  • Name: SEC Rive Gauche (stage II)
  • Location: 17 Zdolbunovskaya str., Kyiv
  • GLA: 77,300 sq. m
  • Developer: Ceetrus Ukraine
  • Declared commissioning date: 2021

Rive Gauche is one of few shopping centers in Ukraine, which is being built by a company with foreign capital – Ceetrus Ukraine (until 2018 Immochan). It is the division of the French developer of the same name, present in ten countries of the world. One of projects is the SEC Rive Gauche in Kiev. The object’ first phase with ​​about 30,000 sq. m total area was launched in 2018 spring, and the Auchan hypermarket was the main SEC anchor (15,000 sq. m).

The construction of the Rive Gauche’ second stage involves the two-story shopping and entertainment center’ construction with ​​185,000 sq. m total area, rental – 77,300 sq. m. At the same time, 55% of the retail space will be allocated for anchor tenants. There are among its: 8-screen cinema Multiplex, family entertainment center, sports goods supermarket Decathlon, construction hypermarket Leroy Merlin. There is also a shopping gallery that can accommodate 200 stores, a food-court, social spaces and more. In 2019 February, the developer announced the start of work on the object and plans to put it into operation in the 2020 third quarter. However, the construction readiness of the SEC remains extremely low, so experts do not believe in its opening this year.

  • Name: SEC April (stage II)
  • Location: 20 L. Kurbas Ave., Kyiv
  • GLA: 53,420 sq. m
  • Developer: Kyivproekt Development
  • Declared commissioning date: 2021

Another Ukrainian SEC, the opening of which is postponed from year to year, is the SEC April second stage. The project’ first phase with ​​almost 6,000 sq. m rental area was commissioned in 2014, and its anchor operators were McDonald’s restaurant, Billa supermarket and JYSK household goods store. The second stage should become much larger. The second stage’ total area will exceed 105,000 sq. m, and retail – 53,400 sq. m according to the information on the developer’s website.

Object’ anchors will be a grocery supermarket (4000 sq. m), a children’s entertainment center (2500 sq. m) and a 6-screen cinema. Another 33,000 sq. m. of retail space will be allocated for stores in fashion, electronics, sports and children’s goods segments. In total, there will be about 300 stores in the SEC April.  In addition, the project’ structure includes the April City Office Space with 4000 sq. m. area and parking for 1400 parking-spaces.

  • Name: SEC New Ray
  • Location:  21 Dreiser str., Kyiv
  • GLA: 34,500
  • Developer: Build Commerce Group
  • Declared commissioning date: 2021

The New Ray shopping and entertainment center is being built in the Troyeshina housing estate by Build Commerce Group. As reported by the Interfax-Ukraine news agency, it is owned by Oleg Kirilov, one of investors in another metropolitan SEC – New Way. Initially, the facility’ opening was scheduled for 2019 third quarter, but it is also constantly postponed.

According to the SEC project, its total area will be 41,500 sq. m, and retail – 34,500 sq. m. The five-level New Ray mall will house a cinema with 6 halls (2000 sq. m), an entertainment zone (2500 sq. m), as well as a supermarket (3500 sq. m) on the basement floor. The project also provides for parking for 500 cars.

  • Name: TC HIT MALL
  • Location: 134/1 Pobedy Avenue, Kyiv
  • GLA: 9600 sq. m.
  • Developer: Alliance-Energoinvest
  • Declared commissioning date: 2021

The SC HIT MALL is a four-level shopping complex under construction at 134/1 Pobedy Avenue in Kiev. The facility’ construction began in 2018, and commissioning is scheduled for 2021. The object’ total area will be about 16,000 sq. m, rental – 9600 sq. m.

The Novus grocery supermarket will become its anchor tenant as reported by the consulting company Retail & Development Advisor, which acts as a broker for the SC HIT MALL. The shopping center will also house up to 80 shops, restaurants and cafeterias. Wherein, the shopping center will have a spacious shopping gallery with a modern interior, direct access from the metro station and parking for 180 cars.

  • Name: SC Piramida (stage II)
  • Location: 4 Mishugi str., Kyiv
  • Leasable area: 11,000 sq. m.
  • Developer: Dragon Capital
  • Declared commissioning date: summer 2021

Last year, the reconstruction’ next stage began in the capital’s Piramida shopping center – the shopping gallery’ increasing, the offices’ construction and facades’ renovation. After the completion of the project, the Piramida’ total area will be about 32,000 sq. m, rental – 23 800 sq. m (now – 16,800 sq. m and 12,800 sq. m, respectively). The renovation provides for the tenant pool’ replenishment with new strong retailers, the food court’ creation, new restaurants’ opening, an increase in parking, and the office center’ construction with 2,600 sq. m area and the adjacent territory’ landscaping.

Also, the company plans to open, in the SC second stage a two-story store of one of the famous fashion brands with ​​about 1,500 sq. m. area, a sports supermarket and a large shoe store. Dragon Capital predicts that the SC expansion will increase its traffic by 25-30%.

  • Name: MFC Lukianivka Mall
  • Location: 7 Degtyarevskaya str., Kyiv
  • Leasable area: 47,000 sq. m
  • Developer: Arricano
  • Declared commissioning date: 2021

The capital SEC Lukianivka Mall, being built on the site of the former tram depot, is the Arricano development company’ project, which operates a number of shopping centers in Kiev and regions of Ukraine. In 2018, the developer updated the future SEC’ concept, reducing the retail function and increasing entertainment, educational and coworking functions. Fashion retail will occupy 49% of areas, food and leisure – 24%, and creative spaces (offices / coworking spaces) – 27% in the SEC new concept. As for the total investment in the project, it was estimated at more than $100 million.

  • Name: SOC Olympic Park
  • Location: 17 Bazhana Ave., Kiev
  • GLA: 23,000 sq. m
  • Developer: Status Group
  • Declared commissioning date: 2021

The Olympic Park shopping and office center is being built as part of the capital’s residential complex of the same name on the Dnepr left bank. The facility will include boutiques gallery, a grocery supermarket, restaurants, a pharmacy and a bank branch, a fitness-center and beauty salons, as well as office spaces according to the information on the developer’s website. The developer also intends to equip underground and surface parking lots as construction’ part.

Expert commentary

Ekaterina Vesna, Head of the department of agency and consulting services in the sphere of retail real estate at Cushman & Wakefield Company in Ukraine: “We do not exclude that some of projects will nevertheless postpone the opening until 2022. This primarily applies to megamalls, which are located in highly competitive locations. We also assume that some projects will change the concept in the direction of entertainment and food zones’ reducing.

The market’ greatest redistribution will take place in Goloseevsky and the surrounding Kiev districts after the opening of one of these large-scale SEC. It should be noted that the one who will be open first will have a much better financial result and a significant advantage for the further development and stabilization of the project”.


  • Name: SEC Nikolsky
  • Location: 2 Pushkinskaya str., Kharkiv
  • GLA: 53,000 sq. m
  • Developer: Budhouse Group
  • Declared commissioning date: March 2021

The Nikolsky shopping and entertainment center should have been open this spring in the Kharkiv very center. The SEC total area will be 106,000 sq. m, retail – 53,000 sq. m. The project developer is Budhouse Group, whose portfolio of completed projects also includes shopping and entertainment centers Lubava (Cherkasy), Fabrika (Kherson) and Forum (Lviv).

As of November last year, the SEC occupancy rate with tenants exceeded 95% under signed contracts. In particular, there will be a Silpo supermarket, household appliances and electronics stores, as well as outlets with impulse demand goods in the checkout zone on the facility’ minus ground floor. First and second floors will house fashion segments’ operators, including leading fashion-groups Argo, MTI, LPP, MD Fashion, Ultragroup and other operators. Also, the SEC is planning a wide pool of sporting goods retailers (Nike, Under Armor, Puma, Marathon, Megasport, etc.). And the entertainment segment will be represented by the Multiplex cinema, the Lucky Strike bowling alley and two children’s entertainment centers. All key operators of this segment, including the largest international fast- food player – McDonald’s, will work in the 450-seat food-court zone.

  • Name: SEC Planeta Mall
  • Location: 4 A Kiltseva road str., Kharkiv
  • GLA: 70,000 sq. m
  • Developer: Zolotaya Niva
  • Declared commissioning date:  2021 IV quarter

The Kharkiv SEC Planeta Mall’ first stage (formerly called Magellan) was commissioned back in 2011 at 4 A Kiltseva Road str., the second – with  ​​66,000 sq. m area – was never launched. The owner of the mall was a Ukrainian businessman Anatoly Yurkevich, who lost the facility due to debts to VTB Bank. The Deposit Guarantee Fund sold Magellan to a little-known company Zolotaya Niva for UAH245.9 million after the withdrawal of the Russian financial institution from the Ukrainian market. At the 2020 beginning, UTG Company announced that new owners of Magellan had made a decision to change the format of the shopping center and its comprehensive rebranding.

As a result, the mall changed its name to Planeta Mall and began a comprehensive reconstruction, within which the facility will be expanded to 70,000 sq. m leasable area (total area – 110,000 sq. m). It is assumed that the three-story complex will house more than 120 stores and 15 restaurants according to the approved project and SEC concept. Grocery supermarket with 7,000 sq. m area, department store for household goods with 1600 sq. m, children’s entertainment center with 3000 sq. m, electronics supermarket with 1000 sq. m and a seven-screen cinema Wizoria will be Planeta Mall’s anchor tenants.

  • Name: SEC Ostrov (stage II)
  • Location: 2 Novoshchepnoy ryad, Odesa
  • GLA: 15,700 sq. m
  • Developer: OTD
  • Declared commissioning date: 2021 III quarter

Odesa SEC Ostrov began work in 1998 between the central railway station and Privoz market. After the project’ second phase’ opening, which is scheduled for August-September this year, the SEC total area will be 70,100 sq. m, rental – more than 37,800 sq. m. The mall has already signed preliminary lease agreements with the Silpo grocery supermarket (2463 sq. m), the Turkish clothing, footwear and household goods retailer LC Waikiki (1611 sq. m), the children’s entertainment center (6,500 sq. m) and the supermarket for sports goods Sportmaster (1,477 sq. m) as reported by the consulting company Cushman & Wakefield, which acts as the facility’ broker.

  • Name: SC  Mercury
  • Location:  99 B  Semen Paliy str., Odesa
  • GLA: 30,000 sq. m
  • Developer: Mercury+
  • Declared commissioning date: 2021

The four-story Mercury shopping center in Odesa is also at the construction’ final stage. The facility will specialize in goods necessary for home improvement according to the information on the shopping center’ website. In particular, it will be presented here building materials, plumbing, interior items, upholstered and cabinet furniture, household appliances, textiles, household chemicals, as well as auto-, zoo- and sports goods. The developer also intends to equip a large parking lot for 1000 cars as part of the shopping center’ construction.

  • Name: SEC Podolyany Mall (stage II)
  • Location: 28 Ch Textilnaya str., Ternopil
  • GLA: 16,000 sq. m
  • Developer: Podolyany
  • Declared commissioning date: 2021

Ternopil shopping and entertainment center Podolyany is one of largest regional complexes in Western Ukraine. Object with 50,000 sq. m total area was opened back in 2007, but still remains one of the most popular in the region. There are about 135 boutiques, more than 20 entertainment establishments, restaurants and cafes here, and soon it is planned to launch the second stage with 16,000 sq. m leasable area.

  • Name: SEC Megamall (stage II)
  • Location: 17 E 600-th anniversary str., Vinnytsia
  • GLA: 10,000 sq. m
  • Developer: Tradeland
  • Declared commissioning date: 2021

The Vinnytsia shopping and entertainment center Megamall is also expanding with   ​​55,000 sq. m total area and 31,500 sq. m retail area. The project’ developer plans to launch the SEC second stage, which will consist of three levels with 10,000 sq. m total rental area​​. It is assumed that this will enhance the tenants’ composition and the entertainment component of the shopping and entertainment center.

It will house the largest in the region 7-screen cinema Cinema City (2600 sq. m), children’s entertainment center and catering zone. The second floor will house mid-price clothing and footwear stores, while the first floor will house a large front restaurant and several department stores. The jewelry quarter’ creation in the SEC is also envisaged as the reconceptualization’ part.

  • Name: SEC Veles (stage II)
  • Location: 225 A Vovchinetskaya str., Ivano-Frankivsk
  • GLA: 27,700 sq. m
  • Developer: 555-IF
  • Declared commissioning date: IV quarter of 2021

Construction of the Veles shopping and entertainment center’ second stage in Ivano-Frankivsk began in 2019. This project will increase the SEC total area to 52,000 sq. m, and rent – up to 37,500 sq. m. The Silpo grocery supermarket with ​​4250 sq. m area, children’s entertainment center Fly Kids (3,500 sq. m) and the cinema Planeta Kino (2,668 sq. m) will become anchor operators of the second stage as the international consulting company Cushman & Wakefield reported. It is also planned to open in the SEC clothing and footwear department stores, household appliances and sports goods stores.

  • Name: SEC Cherkasy Mall
  • Location: 74 Khimikov Ave., 74 Cherkasy
  • Leasable area: 54 000 sq. m
  • Developer: Commercial Property Management
  • Declared commissioning date: 2021 IV quarter

The shopping and entertainment center Cherkasy Mall is planned to open in the IV quarter of this year on the site of the former SC Equator. The management company plans to attract to the SEC retailers that are not yet represented in the city and in the region. It is assumed that a grocery supermarket, electronics and household appliances stores, a construction supermarket, a 6-screen cinema, a children’s entertainment center, a fashion stores’ gallery and about 15 cafes and restaurants will operate in Cherkasy Mall.

Note that earlier the Cherkasy SC Equator was part of shopping centers’ chain with the same name and belonged to the Retail Group Company. This Company also manages Velmart, Velyka Kishenya and VK Express supermarket chains. In 2019 October, this asset was sold for UAH 70 million through the ProZorro.Prodazi system.

Expert commentary

Taisiya Litovchenko, Director of the consulting company Retail & Development Advisor: “This year regions of Ukraine will be replenished with a significant volume of high-quality retail real estate’ new supply, but most of it will be the result of shopping centers’ expansion or redevelopment. In fact, the only large regional SEC in 2021 built from scratch will be the SEC Nikolsky in Kharkov with  ​​53,000 sq. m leasable area. It is also planned here to expand and rebrand another large facility – the SEC Planeta Mall with 70,000 sq. m GLA. Thus, Kharkov can be replenished with a record for itself amount of retail space. And if  metropolitan megamalls continue to postpone opening dates, then this city will become the leader in 2021 in terms of new retail space’ volume ”.

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