After the “hard” Brexit in British supermarkets can empty the shelves

After the “hard” Brexit in British supermarkets can empty the shelves

30.01.2019 08:10

Now about a third of the products in stores in the United Kingdom are shipped from the European Union. The border closing will lead to a crisis and higher prices.

According to Deutsche Welle, the leaders of several British supermarket chains and fast-food restaurants have warned about the probability of shelves emptying after the unregulated Brexit. “It is necessary to urgently find a solution that will allow to avoid the UK withdrawal from the EU without an appropriate agreement”, − it is saying in its open letter to British parliamentarians, published on Monday, January 28.

There is a great danger, in the case of Brexit without a contract, that supermarkets and fast-food chains will not be able to preserve the current range, quality and food freshness. In addition, it is impossible to avoid a rise in prices for products due to an increase in transportation costs and duties, in this scenario.

The letter was signed by managers of ten supermarket chains and fast-food restaurants, including Co-op, Lidl, Sainsbury’s and McDonald’s, as well as the British Retail Corporation (BRC).

In total, about a third of food consumed in the UK is imported into the country from other states of the European Union. The letter stated that at the March end, when Brexit is to be held, especially a lot of vegetables and fruits are imported from other EU countries, in particular, lettuce 90%, tomatoes 80% and berries 70%.

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