How the world’s first format City Store IKEA looks like. The same City Store will open in Ukraine (photo-review)

How the world’s first format City Store IKEA looks like. The same City Store will open in Ukraine (photo-review)

29.10.2018 07:00
Дарья Златьева

Next year, it is planned to open the first in Ukraine the Swedish furniture giant IKEA store in the metropolitan SEC Ocean Mall. It will occupy 6000 sq. m and will be presented in the new format City Store. So how the retailer similar object looks like in Poland.

The standard IKEA hypermarket occupies square meters tens of thousands, and it is usually located outside the city. But this year the company began the retail outlets small formats development, which will open in the central cities regions. The first such facility was opened on October 23 in Warsaw SEC Blue City, and it occupies only 4,800 sq. m. This is the third IKEA store in Warsaw, opened in a new design concept. You can shop there, plan your apartment decor and have a snack at the retailer’s restaurant right in the store.

It is located close to the city center — at 179 Aleje Jerozolimskie, near the West Railway Station and 15 minutes from the Central Railway Station.

IKEA in SEC Blue City has a small square, but just like the chain’s stores rest, it is located on two levels. Innovations are actively introducing in small IKEA to reduce the square, and at the same time provide customers with the highest possible assortment and shopping convenience. So, there are in the Polish store online-kiosks, self-checkout, interior planning zone, delivery options are available, as well as self-pickup from the issue’ points.

There is no known “blue path” that leads through the entire store and often prevents the customer from quickly reaching the interesting departments — you have to go through all the departments and, possibly, buy unplanned things. The outlet is more like a concept store with clearly displayed elements. It will vary with the season and customer opinions. This will contribute to the facility innovative using.

It is going to check out a few new solutions in the new store. Online-kiosks is one of it: it offers customers a new shopping experience, combining online-tools with offline-space. Customers can thanks to kiosks while visiting the store, among other things, search for products on their own, create and edit shopping lists anywhere, and also join IKEA FAMILY.

The Dream Room has become another innovation, in which the company used “the Immersive mapping” solution to stimulate customer feelings, to create unforgettable impressions and thus to encourage Poles to have a good sleep.

A special space is created also in IKEA in Blue City: a planning sphere. There the client will be helped to design the houses and apartments interiors. Employees IKEA choose commodities and create individual spaces that are adapted to customers’ needs and style, using their experience and knowledge in the interior design sphere. 20 project stands have been prepared in this zone, where you can plan kitchens, bedrooms and dressing rooms and choose accessories for individual interiors.

A new point equipped with the self-checkout.

The store has a cafe zone, executed in a specially designed eco-style. This zone combines the cafe and bistro concept, where client can decide whether he wants to sit and relax after shopping, or quickly eat and move on. The menu will change depending on the season and it offers visitors sandwiches, fresh salads, vegetarian hot dogs, cocktails, hot dishes, as well as Swedish dishes. Both the restaurant space and IKEA in Blue City work during shopping center opening hours.

You can see in the photo-report as the world’s first mini IKEA in Warsaw SEC Blue City looks like:

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