The SEC Blockbuster Mall first turn is promised to open on December 1, 2018

The SEC Blockbuster Mall first turn is promised to open on December 1, 2018

23.05.2018 08:05

The first phase square of one of the largest retail facilities in Ukraine will be 190,000 sq.

The first phase construction of the SEC Blockbuster Mall (190,000 sq.) is at the final stage, according to the portal ABCnews and as the Mandarin Plaza Board Head Alexander Chernitsky say. The complex project was changed – the first stage was expanded due to the extension to the building, which was actually ready by the 2016 end. The building with the atrium dome stood frozen for almost a year, but at the 2017 end the work resumed, and in this year spring works began on the extension erecting that originally belonged to the second phase.

The company considered it logical to put these SEC segments into operation at the same time, because segments are constructively united by an underground parking for 3,000 cars. Blockbuster Mall will have the largest parking in the capital for 8,000 cars, together with ground parking and open parking zone.

Additional workers will attract for the SEC construction, to speed up all work.  About 500 people are employed now at the construction site, but the company plans to bring the number of builders to 1000-1500. For example, about hundred monoliths work now, they work in two shifts, but in the near future third shift will also launched. “The announced opening date for the Blockbuster Mall is 1, December, and we are all in time. For two months we finish our construction stage and from 1, July we invite tenants to repair their premises”, – Chernitsky said.

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