MasterZoo and UAnimals, with the support of Visa, initiated a fundraiser for the treatment and nutrition of war-affected animals

MasterZoo and UAnimals, with the support of Visa, initiated a fundraiser for the treatment and nutrition of war-affected animals

18.08.2022 11:38

The MasterZoo pet store chain and the UAnimals Charitable Foundation, with the support of Visa, launched a charitable initiative, in which Ukrainians are encouraged to purchase the “PAW OF CARE” sticker and thus contribute to the support of war-affected animals in shelters.

Anyone can join the campaign and purchase “PAW OF CARE” for 10 UAH in MasterZoo pet stores or in its online store:

«Ukrainians have already surprised the world with their self-organization and ability to raise seemingly unaffordable money. Therefore, I am convinced that together we can take care of the well-being and health of our closest four-legged friends. The acquired “PAW OF CARE” will not only be your contribution to the support of animals, but also a clear reminder of the value of humanity, even in the most unfavorable context,” comments Oleksiy Koksharov, Head of MasterZoo’s Marketing Department.

The initiative will cover animal shelters in regions most affected by Russian aggression, de-occupied territories, and in regularly shelled areas. The campaign will run from August 18 to October 18, 2022.

The organizers will transfer all the funds raised to the UAnimals fund, which will continue to purchase food and veterinary drugs, as well as pay for the sterilization and vaccination of animals in shelters and homeless animals.

“With the outbreak of a full-scale war, the UAnimals team actively joined in helping animals also suffering from Russian aggression. According to rough estimates alone, the invader shelled about 20 shelters. At the same time, tens of thousands of animals died from explosions, mines and trip wires. Gandhi once said that the moral authority of the people is determined by its attitude towards animals. Today, Ukrainians show the whole world their level of humanity. While the aggressor is trying to kill everyone, – from children and women to the elderly and animals – Ukrainians are saving every life,” comments Oleksandr Todorchuk, founder of UAnimals.

At the same time, Visa, the global leader in digital payments, will triple every installment paid with a Visa card (without restrictions on the country of issue and the size of the payment). Thus, when buying “PAWS OF CARE” with a Visa card, instead of 10 UAH, 30 UAH will be credited to the UAnimals account.

“Our responsibility is not only to ensure the operation of innovative payment technologies for this important initiative together with MasterZoo and UAnimals, but also to increase the weight of financial contributions from Ukrainians who are not indifferent to the life and health of animals. We invite Visa payment card holders to take part in this charity campaign. Only together we are able to support pets that also felt the consequences of the war and cannot take care of themselves on their own,” comments Victoria Shapron, Visa Marketing Director in Ukraine, Georgia, the CIS and Southeast Europe

Master Zoo is an all-Ukrainian network of pet markets that has been providing the needs of pets in food, veterinary drugs, ammunition, essential goods, etc. for more than 15 years. More than 100 Master Zoo pet markets open their doors every day in 25 cities of Ukraine. Our mission is pet welfare! And we are sure that it depends on the conditions that we create for them and their owners. That is why, despite the obstacles, we continue to expand the network and actively develop the online store so that pets in different parts of the country receive the necessary goods for a comfortable and happy life. Find out more on the website:


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