Sova x Muradova: a new collaboration inspired by the vintage eclecticism of the 80s (+photo)

Sova x Muradova: a new collaboration inspired by the vintage eclecticism of the 80s (+photo)

06.06.2024 12:03

Debut collaboration of Sova jewelry house with Ukrainian stylist Margarita Muradova.

The new Sova x Muradova collaboration was a study of the eclecticism of the 80s and brought together different stylistic solutions that are combined with each other.

“In the collection, I wanted to reflect what I always looked for in jewelry: multifunctionality, variety and mood. I wanted to rethink the classic positions of every woman’s jewelry wardrobe and add a touch of experimentation and modernity to them,” Margarita describes the collaboration.

“The collaboration was the first cooperation of the Sova brand with a stylist. For a trendsetter jewelry brand, the choice of a partner was clear, because Margarita has a sense of trends and foresees new ones, researches the retrospective and has expertise in this field. This is what became the anchor of our collection,”says Krystyna Bashliy, Sova’s marketing director, about the collaboration.

In the center of the collection are massive statement jewelry in the form of a boomerang as a symbol of cyclicality, both in fashion and in life. It’s about what’s yours will always come back. A statement bracelet in the form of a chain of boomerang links, each link has a double base that creates a volume in the jewelry, decorated with diamond scatter, became an example of high jewelry art. Jewelers work on each bracelet for more than 50 hours, making all the details by hand.

To add a touch of modernity to the collection, tennis jewelry with colored crystals has appeared. Universal, matching with wardrobes for every season, but adding a note of experimentation to the look. Bracelets can be styled as a classic option on the wrist or add a playful touch by wearing them on the ankle.

The collection is multifunctional and allows you to customize the jewelry using various pendants with amethysts, topazes, white and black pearls, and diamonds. Chunky chains with 80s-style pendants can be attached to a necklace, bracelet, or earring, depending on your mood. This way, you have six variations of jewelry instead of one.

The mood of the campaign is inspired by the aesthetics of Italian bohemia. In the spotlight is a modern girl, like a heroine from Fellini’s “La Dolce Vita”—seductive, vibrant, and ready for experimentation, whether it’s dancing barefoot through the streets of night-time Rome or swimming in the Trevi Fountain.

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