Inditex Group stores have reopened in Respublika Park Mall. First photos from the opening after 2 years

Inditex Group stores have reopened in Respublika Park Mall. First photos from the opening after 2 years

03.04.2024 12:15

Starting from April 3, the stores of world-renowned brands Zara, Bershka, and Pull&Bear, which belong to the Spanish company Inditex, at the Respublika Park Mall can be visited.

“We can confirm the information about the reopening of Zara, Bershka, and Pull&Bear stores. We also expect the opening of Stradivarius, Massimo Dutti, and Oysho in the coming days,” commented Olena Yatsenko, the commercial director of the mall.

Inditex prioritizes the safety of employees and customers, so it was important to adapt plans to market circumstances. Some Ukrainian employees were sent for training to Poland to prepare for their return to work.

“The reopening of the Zara store is one of the most anticipated returns to our mall,” the director added. “We are grateful to the Inditex team for their trust in Respublika Park. In difficult times for Ukraine, it is very important to resume the work of global brand stores. This confirms the faith in our country and a shared future. We are confident that Zara fans will be delighted with the brand’s new arrivals. We invite everyone to an exciting shopping experience at Respublika Park.”

Zara is the best at identifying trends. One of the main differences between Zara and other retailers is the concept of fast fashion, which changes along with the trends and wishes of customers. Its employees conduct a detailed analysis of clothing and constantly monitor who wears what – from fashion house collections, stars on red carpets, and actors in movies to ordinary passersby on the streets.

Zara’s new spring collection features the main trends of the season. The collection offers a fresh look at fashion trends, emphasizing details that highlight elegance in everyday clothing. This collection is a reflection of modern femininity, offering sophistication in every element.

In addition to the world’s most famous Zara, Respublika Park Mall stores will offer products from other Inditex brands, including Massimo Dutti with its updated take on office style, Stradivarius, which brings bright accents and lightness to youth wardrobes, Bershka, Pull&Bear with collections of the latest fashion trends within the brands’ characteristic styles, and Oysho, with a focus on comfort for home and leisure.

The Zara store, Inditex’s leading brand, is one of the first in Ukraine to resume operations at Respublika Park Mall. Implemented in a recognizable style with the embodiment of modern trends, it is located in the largest fashion department store premises with an area of 3,289 square meters. The flagship store presents the latest fashion trends within the brand’s characteristic style, emphasizing Inditex’s priority for large retail spaces that provide visitors with a comfortable and comprehensive shopping experience.

In total, Respublika Park Mall features six Inditex stores with a total area of 7,170 square meters, demonstrating the company’s strategy of spacious and convenient shopping locations. The Pull&Bear and Bershka stores, with areas of 939 and 929 square meters respectively, offer visitors a wide range of products in comfortable, stylish stores. Massimo Dutti with an area of 824 square meters, Stradivarius at 660 square meters, and Oysho, located on 535 square meters, also emphasize the importance of spacious retail areas for Inditex. These stores not only contribute to better product presentation but also provide customers with a more enjoyable and efficient shopping experience, allowing brands to delve deeper into the needs and preferences of their audience.

Info. Respublika Park is a super-regional mall opened in November 2021 in Kyiv, with a total area of 300,000 square meters. The mall is owned by the Austrian company Trafin Consulting und Entwicklungs GmbH, which was established in Vienna in 2013 and specializes in real estate. Currently, the shareholder of Respublika Park actively operates in the real estate markets of Central and Eastern Europe. Trafin makes significant investments in shopping, hotel, and residential complexes in many countries and is a significant participant in the investment sector of the Ukrainian economy as a shareholder of Respublika Park Mall.

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