Free Webinar ADER HABER: The temporary restriction on travel abroad: what to do?

Free Webinar ADER HABER: The temporary restriction on travel abroad: what to do?

23.06.2020 07:45

This week, as part of a series of free LAW AND MORE webinars and on the eve of the summer holiday season, we will talk about a temporary restriction on travel abroad.

  • DATE: June 24
  • TIME: 17:00
  • DURATION: 1 hour
  • COST: free
  • PLACE: Zoom

Despite having a passport, visa, insurance and all necessary documents, going abroad will be in jeopardy if the Center for Special Information Reception and Processing of the State Border Guard Service has information about the temporary restriction of a person’s right to go abroad.

When it is possible to ban travel abroad and what to do if you receive information about such a ban, will help to understand:

  • Oleksiy SOLOMKO, Counsel, Attorney at ADER HABER, Head of the practice of Enforcement proceedings
  • Andriy AVTORGOV, private executor, Candidate of Law
  • Olena OVCHARENKO, disciplinary commissioner of the Association of Private Executors of Ukraine, expert on judicial reform of the EU project “Law-Justice”, Doctor of Law

TERMS OF PARTICIPATION: To participate in the event, pre-registration is required by reference.

Connection instructions will be sent to each participant to the e-mail address provided during registration:

Please note that the capacity of the webinar room is limited. To be guaranteed to take part, please enter it without delay.

For all those who do not have time to take their seats in the webinar room, a live broadcast will be launched on the company’s pages on FaceBook and Youtube.

For all questions about the webinar, please contact:

Sign up for the webinar, know your rights and skillfully defend them together with ADER HABER Law Firm.

Make coffee, prepare questions and meet on Wednesday, at 17:00 in ZOOM.

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