First official IQOS brand store in western region opened in Forum Lviv SEC

First official IQOS brand store in western region opened in Forum Lviv SEC

24.04.2017 03:15

The first Flagship store selling  innovative heating system iQOS opened in Lviv in Forum Lviv shopping centre.

iQOS store is presented in the Forum Lviv shopping center with a 50 sq.m store located on the First Floor of the SC. «IQOS store has a unique modern and stylish concept, which fits the innovative product that we offer. Forum Lviv shopping centre meets all of our high standards and requirements and is a perfect location for our flagship store in Lviv. We are ready to surprise Lviv citizens»,  comments Artem Krivtsov – General Director for Philip Morris Sales and Distribution.

Info. SEC Forum Lviv centrally located on Pid Dubom Street, just a short walk from the city’s main square and famous Opera House the center comprises over 100 shops and a full restaurant-food court area with entertainment such as cinema. It has an underground parking garage with 600 spaces. Forum Lviv has capitalised on the city centre’s busy status and has provided opportunities for small local businesses alongside larger chain and premium brands.

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Marina Nesterenko, SEC Forum Lviv: The first year has shown good results, exceeding our initial expectations

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